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About Us

About Teknowlegion

A leadership team with considerable business experience supported by strong development and delivery teams committed to offering solutions and services in the digital space by interconnecting everything (IOT) in real time and also providing augmented intelligence to business users and across the spectrum to the data scientists. The overall combination of experience, skill, knowledge and technology delivers quick answers, better decisions and smarter actions.

  • Customized solutions in sustainability, energy and water management systems and environmental governance.
  • Manage data and documents, improve workflow and processes, make business operationally more efficient.
  • Data management and analytics for business and market insights.
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S. Radhakrishnan


We are a professionally managed organization, supported by qualified experienced team of technical and commercial personnel whose principal motto is individual, organizational and social growth.

We, at Teknowlegion, are always moving ahead in revamping the conventional and adding value to the new. We always remains determined to achieve leadership in various related fields we enter and are committed to growth with passage of time.

We, as a Team, work for a common goal to attain and establish market leadership. We have faith in our mission, values, ethics and hard work to attain higher productivity, diversification and growth.

Also, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all our clients, associates, employees and counter parts for their immense support and feedback that has always helped us in further evolving as an organization, and thereby also enabled us to better serve them and meet their expectations.

Our Services



The world is changing fast, more than ever. Only the agile and innovating companies who engage in a real transformation process and who are willing to simplify their system while encouraging innovation will stand out.

  • Have Expert domain consultant in multiple sectors like Power Real Estate Manufacturing
  • Template based implementation: Reduce implementation time
  • Cloud based installation: Reduce Infra Cost
  • Experts in different legacy process integration with SAP online and offline
  • SAP Security Monitoring and Audit
  • Migration from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA
  • SAP training for Corporate User

Teknowlegion curently involved with a greefield SAP S/4 HANA Cloud implementation in Thermal Power Plant.


Document Management System (DMS) is an electronic solution that helps organization to streamline their document management processes. It enables scanning, storage, retrieval, sharing, tracking, revision, and distribution of documents and hence information and data they contain.

  • Centralized source of information
  • Improved Security
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Improved workflow
  • Maximized user satisfaction


Converting a vision, a dream or a need to reality


Management is the technique of understanding the problems, needs and controlling the user of Resources, Cost, Time, Scope and Quality.

Project Management

Application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet stakeholders’ needs & expectations from a project.

“Completion of Project on time within Budget without compromising Quality”


A business intelligent tool for Energy Management

  • Management
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Decision-making

  • 1) Automated data collection through gateway
  • 2) Process Parameter integration like temperature, humidity
  • 3) Modelling for streamlining the actual structure
  • 4) What If Analysis for prediction
  • 5) Energy Performance Indicator


Customer Information System on Water Management with the following features:

  • 1) Web based Application
  • 2) Complete Billing information and bill generation for group / individual.
  • 3) All Type of Tariff (customizable)
  • 4) Complete Payment & Collection system against generated bills
  • 5) Independent Collection Center
  • 6) Complaint Management
  • 7) Asset Management
  • 8) Operation and Maintenance
  • 9) Complete care of Customer data management

Academic Record Digitization

Managing your students' academic records – is a critical function for any educational body. Because it is so important, you should always be taking steps to enhance the student record management process. One step that you should be taking right now is investing in digital student records.

  • 1) The transcript dissemination process will be streamlined
  • 2) Nothing is ever lost
  • 3) Student record privacy is enhanced
  • 4) Even centuries old student records can be Retrieved
  • 5) Data Analytics


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